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Message from the Director

Mr. Hayes A. Lewis

Keshhi, ko’ don dewannne a:deyaye


Welcome to the A:shiwi College & Career Readiness Center!


We are thankful for our many allies, community and tribal resources that have been made available as we embark on a journey to strengthen the higher educational opportunities for our community and the surrounding attendance area of A:shiwi College.


The A:shiwi College & Career Readiness Center is a direct result of our tribal leadership who had the courage, foresight and determination to continue higher learning services when the University of New Mexico informed them that the higher education services were to be discontinued at this campus. After much discussion with representatives of the University of New Mexico, Governor Panteah asked me if I thought the tribe could manage and operate the campus as an independent higher learning institution. My response was absolutely yes-we can. Governor’s response was;” Well then, let’s make it happen.”


Governor Panteah’s response has been typical of the type and level of trust and support we have enjoyed as we take on the highly complex and challenging tasks of developing and maintaining educational services & opportunities; developing partnerships with other colleges and universities and building the organizational capacity to provide effective career enhancement services as well as working toward becoming an accredited tribal college.


In respect to this, we are truly fortunate to have entered into an agreement of sponsorship with Navajo Technical University, a tribal university accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. The A:shiwi College and Career Readiness Center is an official Instructional Site of Navajo Technical University and this standing will enable us to provide accredited courses and vocational training to Zuni and our surrounding tribal and non-tribal populations. As one of the premier tribal colleges in the nation, Navajo Technical University enjoys a reputation of excellence and accomplishment. As our mentor institution, we expect to gain much from their knowledge, experiences and expertise as we work toward becoming an independent tribal college.


We urge community members and those in surrounding areas to enroll in Navajo Technical University at the A:shiwi College campus and enroll in exciting career enhancement academic and vocational/technical classes which will lead to Certificates, AA, BA and graduate degrees. Courses are transferrable, and instruction may be on-site or by distance learning.


I will provide information on other aspects of our work and support for the community as we move forward. My great appreciation to our staff of able professionals and the Zuni Tribal Council. Best wishes to all for continuing good health and success. Elahkwa,


Hayes A. Lewis

Executive Director, A:shiwi College & Career Readiness Center

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