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The Zuni language is a unique and endangered language because it is known as a language isolate, not related to any other in the world. Our culture and all aspects of life are bound by our language. The strengthening and revitalization of the Shiwiʼma be’nawe among our tribal population is a sacred responsibility.


In 2018 the Zuni Tribal Council delegated the A:shiwi College to take the lead in developing plans and procedures to strengthen language learning. We work closely with the Shiwi Language Board, schools, community-based programs and provide certification in the Zuni Language to educators, create curriculum, teach college classes, host workshops and work to promote language usage in our community. Our collective responsibility is to support tribal efforts, teach our children, youth and adults the language and maintain the Zuni Language as a sacred trust.  

Zuni Language 520 Licensure

The A:shiwi College & Career Readiness Center provides assistance for individuals to apply for a 520 License with the State of New Mexico.  For more information please contact:                                           

Belinda Tsabetsaye
Belinda Tsabetsaye

Zuni Language Coordinator
Phone:  (505) 782-6010

Zuni Language Board Members

The Zuni Language Board members are appointed by the Zuni Tribal Council. The current members include:

Kirby Gchachu

Wilfred Eriacho, Sr.

Reynelle Lowsayatee

Wells Mahkee

Carlotta Martza

Diana Cachni

Belinda Tsabetsaye

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Zuni Language Materials Collection by the University of New Mexico 

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