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Zuni Language Board Members

The Zuni Language Board members are appointed by the Zuni Tribal Council.  The current members include: 

Kirby Gchachu                        Wells Mahkee                        Diana Cachni                                

Wilfred Eriacho, Sr.              Carlotta Martza                       Belinda Tsabetsaye          

Reynelle Lowsayatee

Zuni Language 520 Licensure

The A:shiwi College & Career Readiness Center provides assistance for individuals to apply for a 520 License with the State of New Mexico.  For more information, you can contact: 


ashiwi-9-29-2022-photos-3112 Belinda.jpg

 Belinda Tsabetsaye, Zuni Language Teacher

 Phone:  (505) 782-1004


Zuni Language Materials Collection by the University of New Mexico 

Click to view materials

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A:Shiwi & Indigenous Values

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