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Headshot - Hayes Lewis 300x227.jpg

Mr. Hayes A. Lewis 
Executive Director
Phone:  (505) 782-6012
Email Address:

Headshot - Stacy Panteah 300x224.jpg

Ms. Stacy Panteah
Administrative Services Manager
Phone:  (505) 404-9861
Email Address:

Headshot - Reynelle Lowsayatee 300x225.jpg

Dr. Reynelle Lowsayatee
Director of Academics & Applied Indigenous Studies
Phone:  (505) 257-3790
Email Address:

Headshot - Shanna Penketewa 300x225.jpg

Ms. Shanna Penketewa
Administrative Assistant
Phone:  (505) 782-6010
Email Address:

Headshot - Valerie Epaloose 300x225.jpg

Valerie Epaloose
Director of Student Services
Phone:  (505) 782-6020
Email Address:


Headshot - Elvis Panteah 300x225.jpg

Mr. Elvis Panteah
IT Specialist
Phone:  (505) 782-6015
Email Address:

Headshot - Laura Leekela 300x227.jpg

Ms. Laura Leekela
Student Services Assistant
Phone:  (505) 782-6020
Email Address:

ashiwi-9-29-2022-photos-3112 Belinda.jpg

Ms. Belinda Tsabetsaye
Zuni Language Coordinator
Phone:  (505) 289-1524
Email Address:

Ashiwi College Medicince Wheel Graphic3.1-02 300x302.png

Mr. Tyrell Westika
Creative Arts & Entrepreneurship Technician NE
Phone:  (505) 404-9865
Email Address:

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