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The A:shiwi College & Career Readiness Center works with various tribal and community programs to provide support for our students and to work on special projects that are beneficial to community members. Our tribal and community organizations include, but are not limited to, the below listed organizations. (Click on logos to visit their websites)

tribal seal no background.png
Shakopee Logo Transparency v2 200x269.png
Keshi Foundation Logo Transparency 225x225.png
ZECDC Eagle Logo Transparency 226.223.png
Chamiza Logo Transparency 300x95.png
SFIS Leadership Institute Logo Transparency 350x109.png
La Plazita Logo Transparency 200x200.png
Zuni Pueblo Main Street Logo Transparency 287x141.png
Ashiwiawan Museum Logo Transparency 370x270.png

A:shiwi A:wan Museum

Zuni Highschool Logo Transparency 266x189.png

Zuni High School

Ramah High School Logo Transparency 320x320.png

Ramah High School

Gallup McKinley County Schools Logo Transparency 245x245.png
SFIS Logo v2 Transparency 245x245.png
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