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Navajo Technical University 

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A:shiwi College & Careeer Center - NTU Sub Campus

If you are interested in applying for admission, registration or financial aid, you may contact the following individuals for assistance: 

Dr. Reynelle Lowsayatee, Director of Instruction

                                  Phone:  (505) 782-6022        Email:  reynelle.lowsayatee@ashiwi.org 






L                                                    Valarie Epaloose, Director of Student Services 

                               Phone (505) 782-6020          Email: valerie.epaloose@ashiwi.org











                                                     Laura Leekela, Student Services Assistant

                          Phone (505) 782-6020          Email:  laura.leekela@ashiwi.org

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Do You Need Help Ordering Books Online?

For more information on how to purchase online books and supplies, click on the link below. Or for more information on the bookstore charge program, you can click on the link below as well.  

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Navajo Technical University 
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