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Navajo Technical University 

A:shiwi College & Careeer Center - NTU Sub Campus

If you are interested in applying for admission, registration or financial aid, you may contact the following individuals for assistance: 

Reynelle Lowsayatee, Director of Instruction

Phone:  (505) 782-6022        Email:  reynelle.lowsayatee@ashiwi.org

Laura Leekela, Student Services Assistant

Phone (505) 782-6020          Email:  laura.leekela@ashiwi.org

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Updated 2020 NTU

Spring Schedule

With the current situation in reference to the COVID-19, a new schedule has been implemented for all NTU Spring 2020 Classes.  Please contact your insturctor if you have any questions.

Navajo Technical University 
Featured Students from the A:shiwi College

Navajo Technical University Dean's List  3.5-4.0 GPA

Tashia Chimoni 

Jacqueline Edaakie

Marvin Riley

Sheylese Tsabetsaye

Daniel Lesansee

Kinsley Lucio

Brazie Clawson

Kendra Nastacio

Congratulations to the following students on their academic performance for the

2019 Spring Semester!