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Navajo Technical University 

A:shiwi College and Career Readiness Center is a sub campus of NTU.

If you are interested in applying for admission, registration or financial aid you may contact the following individuals for assistance:

Dr. Reynelle Lowsayatee

Dr. Reynelle Lowsayatee, Director of Instruction

Phone:  (505) 782-6020


Quick Links

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Vacant, Director of Student Services 

Phone (505) 782-6020

Headshot - Laura Leekela 300x300.jpg

Laura Leekela, Student Services Assistant

Phone (505) 782-6020


NTU Online Bookstore eLibrary

What is the Online Bookstore eLibrary and how does it work?

The eLibrary is where the Bookstore keeps a record of all digital course materials that a student has purchased. This includes digital texts through Inclusive Access courses or items that are purchased directly from the bookstore. To visit the eLibrary, log into the bookstore, click on the user name at the top right, and then select "eLibrary."

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